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                    [新加坡課程]FUTURE FOUNDA

                    發布時間:2020-01-02 16:55:20 作者:托尼蓋 網址:www.pydz.net.cn


                    5 Days $1,284

                    (Prices are inclusive of GST)

                    Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm


                    A thorough understanding of Classic Cutting techniques is fundamental to all hairdressers. FUTURE FOUNDATION provides a precise foundation upon which all advanced techniques are based and we believe proficiency in these techniques is paramount.

                    Completely reassessed every 5 years, this course forms the core of all 托尼蓋 salon work. To reinforce basics and to provide students with knowledge and confidence in their skills through classic haircut lines and finishing techniques, this course creates an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in demonstrations and practical workshops under the guidance of our highly qualified trainers. 

                    Our FUTURE FOUNDATION Course offers a concise education for students to refine and perfect a combined variety of 托尼蓋 classic cutting techniques.

                    * Full completion of a Professional Hairdressing course or one year’s hairdressing experience is required.




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