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                    [新加坡課程]CREATIVE CUTTING

                    發布時間:2020-01-02 16:47:19 作者:托尼蓋 網址:www.pydz.net.cn


                    1 Day $428

                    2 Days $749

                    3 Days $1,016.50

                    (Prices are inclusive of GST)

                    Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm

                    The Creative Cutting redefines the characteristics of attitude and individuality, which are the key to 托尼蓋 Advanced Education.

                    This one to three days course provide a unique opportunity to experience our advanced haircutting techniques, created to accommodate new fashion trends as we interpret them. 托尼蓋 is justifiably proud of this progressive course, taught by our International Art Team members, who are based in Singapore and Malaysia, yet who spend considerable time working internationally.

                    This highly inspiring course demands total commitment and focus. Students should ideally have no less than three years experience as qualified stylists to fully benefit from this motivational course, which offers practical workshops and demonstrations on live models.

                    * Minimum of three years experience as a qualified hairdresser is required.




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